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For What It’s Worth: Why I’m Rooting For Trump

    So in the past few days I’ve said I’m kind of rooting for Trump. You might say “WHAT?!!! Insanity.  Explain yourself.” Well I’m taking the time to explain this crazy notion.  Let me first say that I think Trump would be a horrible President.  Trump is a representation of the very worst of American politics.  He stands for xenophobia, veiled and unveiled racism.  He’s a bully.  He promotes policies that have no possibility of coming into fruition.  Worst of all he’s a political heretic saying whatever he needs to say to garner support.  So how in God’s name can I root for him?  Because I think there is a chance a Trump nomination might prove beneficial for The Republican Party, the American people, and how we (Americans) interact with politics.

    I honestly believe our political system is broken and in need of repair.  Gridlock in Congress because of partisanship.  An apathetic voting public where 50% turnout is considered a great thing. We have a two party system where both parties benefit from inefficiency.  Hate him or love him, one thing Trump has done is make people take notice.  A joke candidate has come in and taken the Republican race for the presidency by storm.  He’s done everything you shouldn’t do.  He’s a bull in a China shop and nothing he says or does harms him.  People are starting to perk up to figure out how this could happen.  People are starting to wake up and realize they can’t sit on the sidelines.  They realize they have to figure out how this politics thing works.  And if he gets the GOP nomination people from all over the political spectrum will jump in; either to oppose him or support him.  It is plain to see Trump is mobilizing people in the Republican party.  With a Trump nomination we just might see the highest voter turnout in recent memory.  In my eyes that can’t be a bad thing.

   One important thing people are overlooking is that Trump is winning.  These aren’t poll numbers that can be dismissed as unreliable because who owns a landline anymore?  These are real people going to the polls and voting for Trump.  In my most humblest of opinions Trump is a monster the GOP created.   For far too long the GOP has been telling it’s base the country is being taken from them.  They’ve spread the ideas that America is weak.  That the government is after them.  For far too long they’ve been a party of angry white voters.  Despite knowing this demographic is not sustainable they’ve done nothing to change.  They’ve done nothing to broaden their base.  Enter the Tea Party.  The GOP co-opted the anger of the Tea Party; but couldn’t truly control it.  Through gerrymandering they created  “safe districts”.  Facing Tea Party challenges in many of these safe districts forced the GOP to move farther to the right in order to hold on to control of the party.  Despite holding control of both houses of Congress the GOP led congress is one of the most ineffectual Congresses in history.  Combine the anger of the base, a broken Washington, and a Democratic tyrant and it’s easy to see why people would vote for Trump.  Trump’s voters have lost faith in the the establishment they see the establishment as part of the problem.  So Trump has stepped in, taken that anger, and made a movement of it.  The anger that was directed at Democrats has been redirected at the Republican establishment.  An establishment who many see as no longer being on their side.  After all if you keep being told that the country is being stolen and made weak how can you trust the guys who are telling you this when they’re the ones who can fix it and aren’t.

   Trump winning the nomination might finally force Republicans to reevaluate how they do things.  For years people have predicted that there would be a fight for the soul of the party.  This could be it right now; but only if Trump wins the nomination.  When McCain lost in ’08 the lesson learned was that they lost because McCain wasn’t a real conservative.  When Romney lost in ’12 the lesson learned was that they needed a better candidate to explain the Conservative message.  And if Kasich or Rubio wins Republicans will learn nothing.  It’ll be a sigh of relief then back to business as usual.  It is my hope that if Trump gets the nomination we’ll see that fight for soul of the Republican party.  I would hope that the GOP establishment would see what occurs when all you have to bring to the table is anger and obstruction.  We only have two parties and America desperately needs these two to work together.  We need the GOP to be better than they have been.  Maybe when the inmates are truly running the asylum someone will step in with some maturity and some law and order.

   How can I root for Trump?  The TLDR version: he’s not the politician we deserve; but he might be the politician we need.  Perhaps we need Trump to play the part of the fool so that we can all see how messed up things are.  A Trump win might force the GOP to reevaluate how they do business.  He might force them to decide if they want to be a party where someone like Trump can become their representative. Or maybe I’m just being naive.  Maybe I’m to cynical.  George Carlin is quoted as once saying “Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.”  And I am an idealist.  I believe in the idea of America.  I believe in our political system and I desperately want them to be better.  We deserve better.  But that’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.


Episode 16: State Of The Race Part 3

In My Humble Opinion Episode 16: The State of the Race Part 3
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  • How The Race Could Play Out
  • We Also Discuss The Death Of Antonin Scalia

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