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Episode 32: Election Autopsy


This episode we do an Autopsy on the 2016 Election.  What happened? How did we get here? What lessons can we learn? Where do we go from here?

We also have two guests to help Jon and Reggie muddle through this thing.  Someone you’ve all met V from Slash 2 and a new guest Ed.

In This Episode:

  • We Discuss Our Election Nights And How We Saw The results Come In
  • Where It Went Wrong For Clinton
  • Where It Went Right For Trump
  • The Media And Their Role In This
  • Who’s Really To Blame
  • What Lessons We Can Learn From This


Also In This Episode We Learn:

  • Ed Thinks Some Are Too Dumb To Vote
  • Jon Would Rather Go To A Concert Than Watch The Elction Results
  • Reggie Is A Little Bit Racist
  • V Is Racist Because He’s A Guy From The South
  • No One Reads Show Notes. If You Do Share With #DimeStoreOpinions

Sorry For Some Of The Audio Foibles In The Beggining Jon’s Audio Did Weird Things. Cleaned Much Of It Up In Post.

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Hosted by:

Jenn @Gravel_Itsu

Jon @Tempiwmf

Reggie @Hiddanas