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Episode 40: News, News, News

This episode we play catch up with the news. We talk about a bunch of old stories that slipped past us. And we talk about a bunch of new things.

In This Episode:

  • Trump Wire Tap Claims
  • Immigrant Roundups
  • Trumpcare
  • North Korea
  • Religion
  • Women’s Day
  • Russia Spying


Also In This Episode:

  • Reggie Thinks Trump Voters Deserve Everything They Get
  • Pantys Really Likes Girl Scout Cookies
  • Jenn Likes A Good Double Standard



Episode 39: The News Is On

This episode we have a special guest @J_Peezle and we discuss the news experiment he and Reggie embarked on.  For one week they both got news from different news sources. Now we discuss that experience and how News shapes our reality.

In This Episode:

  • Flynn Resigns
  • Trump News And Lots Of It
  • Spicer Limits Press Access
  • DNC Chair Race

Also In This Episode:

  • Reggie Has Choice Words For The DNC
  • J_Peezle Tells Us 1+1=3
  • Jon Worries For The Country
  • PantsyNAWad Joins The Group As A Regular Member


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Hosted by:

Jenn @Gravel_Itsu

Jon @Tempiwmf

Reggie @Hiddanas