Episode 43: Pour One Out For Comey

This episode we talk about Trumpcare and the firing of James Comey. Things definitely get heated up.  Buckle in and enjoy the ride.  In the news:

  • The Death of Jordan Edwards
  • Chibok Girls
  • Macron

Also In This Episode:

  • Jenn And Jon Agree (I’m scared too)
  • Jon is outed as a Decepticon
  • Pantys tries to pass a conspiracy theory as fact; but Reggie will have none of it
  • Reggie wants to sell you a bridge
  • Jenn says not all Christians

Much Ado About Nothing:

  • Monuments come down; but who do we fight?
  • Fyre Festival


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Hosted by:

Jenn @Gravel_Itsu

Jon @Tempiwmf

Reggie @Hiddanas


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