Brother To Brother Episode 12 – On Second Glance


On the 12th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we take a second glance on many things from our past to see how they hold up against the test of time.

Prior to getting into our main topic we discuss some topics in the news mainly the Las Vegas shooting and the cowardly return of white supremacist to Charlottesville. We also touch upon the passing of one of America’s greatest singers Tom Petty.

Yet it’s not all bad news as we discuss the new Star Trek series Star Trek Discovery and the long awaited release of Blade Runner 2049. We also take time to nominate our Ass Hat & Heroes of the year. Both are worthy candidates and will make the end noise at the end of the year award ceremony.

We then dive into the main topic to discuss how time has changed our views on  things we once thought amazing or terrible. We discuss the racist disaster that is often hidden or clearly displayed in Disney movies (Jim Crows anyone). We feel great remorse for the rap music of our youth and numerous stalker songs that masqueraded as love songs. We also shutter at the portrayal of women in comics and the way home making was disguised as play for women.

Yet again it’s not all bad (trust us). We also debate the progressive nature of the 80’s cartoon Brave Starr although not everyone is convinced. We also debate the strengths and faults of the Power Rangers. Lastly, as Trekkies, we discuss  the importance of Captain Catherine Janeway and Captain Benjamin Sisko on an entire generation of people.Last but certainly not least we end the show with one of our favorite segments….Ask A Black Guy. To celebrate the Halloween season we discuss our favorite scary movies and why. A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of rain, and a lot bit of knowledge is dropped on this latest episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast. As always remember….

Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!



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