Brother To Brother Episode 13 – The Token


On the 13th episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast we sit down to discuss Tokenism and when it’s like to be the only one of you in a situation.

First we discuss some hot topics In The News and touch on some of the highlights of the previous week.  Tempiwmf aka John expresses sadness over the lost of Aaron Rodgers and Reggie aka Hiddanas suggest more  Halloween movies as he works to complete 31 movies of Halloween.

Despite our hopes that police violence and abuse were are forced to bring back our segment Cop Watch. However, it’s not all bad as we sandwich two good stories with one unfortunate one. Hey you can’t win them all. Then we dive into our main topic. The struggles of a token.We discuss the many trials and tribulations concerning the life of a token. From being the person who has to educate everyone on past and current events to being the sole source of cultural knowledge to friends and co-workers. We also discuss the struggles to fight back against or stay away from established stereotypes of false beliefs. Lastly we provide some advice to those who might not realize what their mundane actions do to those who are minorities everywhere they go.We end the show with another segment of Whatcha Talkin Bout Willis where Reggie questions the release style of Netflix and John ponders the odds of the Packers signing Colin Kaepernick.

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Lastly we encourage everyone to Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!


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