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Brother To Brother Episode 9 – How Far We’ve Come


On the 9th Episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss how far we’ve come in this nation. We live in what seems to be dark times and often it’s easy to get bogged down in the misery of today. However, when we take a step back to consider where we are it’s hard not to be encouraged at how far we’ve come. We take this episode to celebrate the progress made in our time.

Hiddanas aka Reggie and I aka Tempiwmf discuss just how far we’ve come as a nation. We, using our 30 some years of experience on this earth ,discuss the many ways our nation has changed for the better and for the worst. We look at the changes in cinema, the arts, politics, and so many other areas of interest.

We also nominate our next candidate for Asshat of the Year and catch up on our Hero of the Year nominees. Enjoy a lively rant on a certain politician who needs to go away & a learn about a new cinematic project from Get Out director Jordan Peele.

No need to wait or delay for there is something for everyone on the latest Brother To Brother podcast.


Brother To Brother Episode 6 – Brothers In Space


On This Episode Of Brother To Brother We Discuss Science Fiction.  Why We Love It.  How It Has Influenced Us.  And Much More.  And In We Shall Overcome, Jon Wants To Overcome Sheeple.

In Are You Seeing This:

  • Donald Trump Jr., How Dumb Can You Be?
  • Why Does A Dog’s Life Matter More Than Black Lives?
  • Asian Actors Can’t Get Equal Pay
  • Death Note. Is It Whitewashing If There’s One Black Guy?
  • Getting Rid Of Diesel Cars In France


Whachoo Talkin Bout WIllis

  • Urine Fire
  • The Rock 2020



Hosted by:

Jon @Tempiwmf

Reggie @Hiddanas


Brother To Brother Episode 5 – The Black Card


On our fifth episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss the Black Card. That mythical and mystical piece of property sacred to so many and a burden to so many others. It’s a thing born of shared customs, experiences, and cultural norms. Is it good? Is it bad? Only time will tell.

Join us as we discuss the Black Card