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Episode 50 – Don’t Call It A Come Back!


Don’t call it a come back we’ve been here for 50 episodes! Our month break turned into two month. But we’re back at it bringing you the dime store opinions you like.  We look back at the past 50 episodes and what it has meant to us.  In this episode:

  • Trump And His Foolishness
  • The NFL
  • The Las Vegas Shooting
  • DACA
  • Transgender Military Ban
  • Tom Price


Also In This Episode:

  • Reggie Thinks 66 Is A Good Time To Punch Out
  • Jenn Praises Clinton For Being Good At Being Corrupt
  • Jon Thinks We Deserve A Better Class Of Criminal


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Hosted by:

Jenn @Gravel_Itsu

Jon @Tempiwmf

Reggie @Hiddanas