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Episode 49 – Don’t Hate Us For The Hiatus

Does anyone read show notes?  If you do tweet Jon, Jenn, and Pantys pictures of pie.  Don’t explain why just tweet pix of pie.  Join us as we give answers to your questions.  The whole gang is here as we talk about the news, answer your questions, and we discuss our month long hiatus.  We discuss:

  • Another Police Shooting With A Twist
  • Trump Stuff
    • Travel Ban
    • Don Jr.
    • Fire Muller?
  • Death Of The Healthcare Bill
  • Sean Spicer
  • John McCain
  • Our Hiatus

Also On This Episode:

  • Reggie Talks Shit About McCain
  • Jenn Is Revealed To Be The Favorite
  • Jon Has Third World Internet
  • Pantys Doesn’t Know What Collusion Is





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