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Brother To Brother Episode 15 – Yeah That Would Be Cool But…


On the 15th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we look at things at at first thought seem awesome but don’t necessarily work out depending upon who you are…. Before we get into the main topic we discuss some stories in the news. This includes an update on the Bowe Bergdahl case. Did he receive jail time or did he walk free with no punishment? We also quickly discuss the Colorado shooting & why a bunch of people with guns isn’t the best answer to mass shootings. Lastly @Hiddanasreviews the movie Marshall about the early life of civil rights lawyer and future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. We also get some feedback on a previous rant about female clothing in gaming and comics.We also have a busy segment of Ass Hate & Hero of the Year. For the first time ever we have a real competitive race for the Ass Hate of the Year nomination. We debate the merits of a fierce fatal four way when four candidates storm into the arena in hopes of claiming the treasured nomination. The Hero of the year nomination is a lot less dramatic but no less worthy of the honor. Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong?Lastly we discuss the things which seem cool but in reality don’t work for everyone. One main example is the idea of time travel. Time travel is always cool in theory but it would be very difficult if you’re a person of color, a woman, or any other group that has been marginalized. We also discuss how differently federal standoffs would go if black men were doing them instead of white ones (Oregon Standoff Anyone).We finish off the episode with one of our favorite segments Whatcha Talking Bout Willis. We ask what the hell Papa Johns is talking about with their anger towards the NFL protesters. Don’t miss this epic rant on pizza, protest, and charity.There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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