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Brother To Brother Episode 16 – Our American Experince


On the 16th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss our personal American Experience. We dive into what it has meant to have an American youth and upbringing.Before we get into the main topic we discuss a few things going In The News. We examine the continued growth of sexual accusations and the consequences of these actions. We also briefly examine how allegations of sexual assault are perceived differently in the field of entertainment versus politics. We also give a brief update on the Texas church shooting and debate if white privilege was at play in the Rand Paul assault.But it’s not all bad news…we promise. We also get pretty nerdy while discussing the new WOW aka the World of Warcraft new expansion. Reggie goes full nerd alert while filling in some history of the WOW and John attempts to join in on the fun. We also cover the new Hearthstone expansion and the aspects of the game we love and loathe. Finally before getting into our main topic we briefly discuss and decide on nominations for the Ass Hat & Hero of the year.Finally we get into our main topic which is our American Experience. Having grown up as POC with two military officers as parents our experience is quite unique when compared to most Americans. We seek to discuss the aspects of our upbringing that helped to form the people we have developed into. We discuss how the military shielded us from many things other POC grew up with and also the culture shock that we dealt with after leaving the military for civilian life in the south.We hope you’ll be patient with us as we discuss, debate, and process the milestone experiences that crafted our unique American Experience. Before we finish the show we briefly return to one of our favorite segments, What Cha Talkin Bout Willis, where we discuss the strange transformation of Sammy Sosa.With something for everyone we hope you all enjoy this very personal and special episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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